In the House of Songs I spent a week enjoying the company of fellow songwriters from all over. It was an inspiring and fulfilling experience collaborating with a talented and diverse bunch of people."

Tom West, Australia

Where music is the global handshake.

Where do you want to go for inspiration?

The House of Songs invites songwriters from all around the world to share the universal language of music in collaborations designed to bridge cultures, build friendships and cultivate peace. Since 2009, we've been helping build creative relationships between artists from all different kinds of vocations, backgrounds and countries. Discover our locations.

No upcoming events at the moment

After continued monitoring of COVID-19 and reviewing protocol of local institutions and national experts, The House of Songs has determined that the responsible course of action is to reschedule all activities scheduled through April 30, 2020 to a later date. All House of Songs attendees for upcoming events will receive event-specific information in their email.

A stay at the House is a special experience. The level of focus and productivity achievable at the House is astounding.

Asher Perkins, Northwest Arkansas

The Experience

Personalized songwriting retreats and collaborations.

We provide spaces for you to be inspired. Short and long-term residencies offer artists the broadest experiences, while local co-writing programs help regional artists connect. Looking to really be inspired by new places? Our multi-region tour or Songwriter Summits might be right for you. Learn more about our programs, application and selection processes. 

It was amazing to work with artists from across the world who were all amazing songwriters and take home a huge selection of new songs that I'm really proud of writing."

Demi Marriner, United Kingdom

Get Involved

Invest in music on a global scale.

Involvement with The House of Songs, whether as musician, partner or volunteer, gives members access to a unique opportunity unlike any other collaborative program. Work with dedicated and experienced staff, board leaders and local artists, and make a wealth of new musical experiences and connections. Learn more about the work that we do.

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