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There's A Space For You Here.

Our goal is to provide both Micro-Residencies for regional artists and Artists-in-Residencies for international collaborations. These residencies offer a focused and immersive environment for artists to create and collaborate.

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Creating New Music and Friendships Through Collaboration.

This program facilitates digital and in-person co-writing sessions. It brings artists together to explore new genres, perspectives, and creative methods through the intimate and vulnerable process of co-writing songs.

Songwriter Summits

We'll Work Together To Further Your Growth And Perform To An Embracing Community.

We organize week-long songwriting collaborations tied to festival performances. These summits bring artists from diverse backgrounds together to create music and showcase their talents at music festivals.


Artist Showcases

Let Your Music Connect To People.

The organization arranges mobile pop-up shows and venue-based concerts to provide artists with opportunities to perform and showcase their work. These showcases help artists reach wider audiences and gain exposure.

Vehicle For Change

A Pop-Up Concert Showcasing Artists Across The Country.

Vehicle For Change Showcases are pop-up concerts using The House of Songs van. These performances will take place at local festivals and other community events.


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