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Since our founding in 2009, our team has worked tirelessly to create an environment that encourages collaboration and supports musicians as they hone their craft.

We are committed to building a global community of artists who are in touch with the forefront of entertainment and music.
By sharing our space with musicians from around the world, we aim to facilitate cross-cultural exchange and create a network of talented individuals who can support each other as they navigate the music industry.

By engaging guest resident artists with local talent, both artists reap the benefits of collaboration, creation of new intellectual property, and network expansion.
Our Partners
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Meet The Team
Troy Campbell

Founder & Musician

Board of Directors
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Vice President of Merchandising, Furniture at Walmart

Investor at Atento Capital & Founder at Black Freelancer

Founder & CEO at SupplyPike

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Director of Digital Strategy at C3 Presents

Art & Entertainment Lawyer

Founder & CEO at Sonic Guild

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