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Musical collaborations, built through relationships, for the sake of building artists' careers and harmonious communities.

The mission of The House of Songs is to unite musicians from across the world, fostering creative harmony through cross-cultural collaborations, creative processes and shared performances.


The House of Songs was founded in 2009 when two musicians from opposite ends of the globe connected by chance in a far-flung Danish island. Attempting to write songs together for the first time, they embraced the vulnerability and spontaneity of “what if” and ignited a spark. From that spark history was made, albums were written, hit songs yielded Gold certification sales numbers, and an idea to create a space for magic was born. Fifteen years later, artists from 33 countries have joined together at the House of Songs, building relationships which have led to once in a lifetime co-writing collaborations. The resulting music is shared across fan groups, breaking down international borders and creating cross-cultural harmony.

The House of Songs is nestled in the heart of two beautiful communities: Austin, TX and Bentonville, AR. Each provides a unique environment creating a canvas for inspiration. 

The Ozarks House is located in the hills of Bentonville, Arkansas and is a retreat in the up-and-coming music hub for those ready for natural inspiration and an organic sense of place.

The Austin House is based in the Live Music Capital of the World, home to more than 8,000 artists and 300 venues. Known for its energy and innovation, many musicians come to this bustling city to build a network in the competitive music scene.

The magic of the House of Songs isn’t something that can be easily explained through words, but rather through experience. It’s something that’s seen, heard, and felt. Come experience it for yourself!

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June 27

June 29

THOS' Summer Serenade Songwriter Showcase

Springdale, AR

Austin, TX

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