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Barbara Nesbitt & Ray Primm cowrite via



Moving the songwriting experience online during COVID-19.

In April 2020, we followed COVID health guidelines by postponing our existing programming involving face-to-face residencies, co-writing sessions, recordings, live performances and travel. As we have begun to reopen our other programing, our #Player2Player cowriting program continues to link communities around the world. The House of Songs brings its vast experience in visual and musical storytelling to #Player2Player. As artists are taking themselves online, we take them to the next level. 


Digital P2P

#Player2Player Digital Songwriting

*available to artists in Bentonville, AR and Austin, TX*

Established in 2019, The House of Songs’ #Player2Player program is an ongoing project to connect local songwriters at our residency locations in Austin, TX and Bentonville, AR to help enrich the regional musical communities and provide artists from diverse genres and musical disciplines to create new intellectual property. 

With the efforts to help stop the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus impacting everyday life, we at The House of Songs has had to reflect on the best ways for us to continue to support our music communities when it is impossible to open our doors to you. How can we support the creation of new music, new relationships, and intellectual property if we cannot introduce fellow artists face-to-face? 

The solution is abundantly clear: we’ll use the resources available to us during this period of quarantine to our advantage and try to support our artists that are suffering financially due to loss of performances, income and opportunities during this time of isolation. Our #Player2Player songwriting program will now move online -- and international.

Any musician in Central Texas, Northwest Arkansas regions or our international alumni artists.


  • Fill out our intake form and we’ll connect you with another artist for your very own Zoom songwriter date.

  • Commit to a minimum one hour window at a scheduled date and time where you’ll work together to try and write a song.

  • Take a one minute video introducing yourself, your location, your songwriting style, etc.

  • Take a screenshot of your digital songwriting session and post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter while tagging @thehouseofsongs #thostv & #thosp2p. Then send us an email with a snippet of your working track, or your completed co-write (we will archive your work; never share or distribute it without your permission). 

  • Fill out our exit survey.

In addition to keeping you on your toes artistically during this difficult time, #Player2Player will help you strengthen your songwriting skills and might help brighten your days of solitude. You might also make a new friend. The House of Songs pledges to pay each participating artist $50/session*


We will try to accommodate as many artists as possible for as long as possible during this time of need.
In an effort to help as many artists as possible, we will be limiting the amount of times an individual artist can participate to one session/calendar month.


*Payments dependent on proof of participating, including grabbing a screenshot and posting to your own social media with tags and accounts listed above.




The quintessential House of Songs experience.

Originally pioneered by Danish artists under the collaboration of founder Troy Campbell and musician Poul Krebs, The House of Songs residency seeks to strengthen the ties that music naturally creates. Unlike any other medium, music can cross borders and boundaries, languages and cultures, and connects us all on a deeply personal level.

By participating in a House of Songs residency, artists from around the world, and here in the United States, get an opportunity to live and work with peers in different genres with different backgrounds. Creating those organic connections is the heart and soul of the House's mission.



*available in Austin, TX & Bentonville, AR*


While all artists are encouraged to apply, our residency programs are limited to qualified applicants and space availability. Please see our FAQ for more information.

  • For artists looking for a more hands-on approach to travel and creativity in a foreign city

  • 12 day maximum stay

  • Connect with local songwriters during coordinated co-write sessions

  • Perform live at a dedicated showcase

  • Work closely with a House of Songs representative to navigate your time in the United States 

  • Airport pickup

  • Basic household amenities provided upon arrival

Extended Residencies

The hands-off approach to creative freedom.

When you're ready to pursue your next creative project, but you're uncertain where or how to begin, The House of Songs can provide the type of "working-quiet" spaces you need for extended exploration of your new album, composition or creative endeavors.

Our Long-Term Residencies offer affordable, 3-week long lodging opportunities for working artists in Northwest Arkansas and Austin, TX regions.


*available in Austin, TX & Bentonville, AR*


While all artists are encouraged to apply, our residency programs are limited to qualified applicants and space availability. Please see our FAQ for more information.

  • For artists looking for a hands-off, solo experience in a foreign city

  • 21 day maximum stay

  • Explore your host city in your own time; create your own schedule

  • Airport pickup

Long-Term Residencies

Multi-Region Tour

Life is short: travel everywhere.

If you can't decide on just one location, The House of Song's multi-region tour allows you to explore some of the most diverse and beautiful places in the United States, all while having the resources of an established music non-profit and the inside track to local musicians and artists at the tip of your fingers.

Multi-Region Tour



Get to know your neighbor.

The musical fabric of a city is made up of hundreds of thousands of musicians from all walks of life. Our local co-writing programs and events in Austin and Northwest Arkansas connect regional musicians to one another, but also connect American artists with international artists in our residency programs.

The opportunity to collaborate and create with our residents and peer writers is something we value deeply, and we want that experience opened to talented writers everywhere.

Local Co-Writing


*available in all House of Songs locations*


While all artists are encouraged to apply, our residency programs are limited to qualified applicants and space availability. Please see our FAQ for more information.

  • For artists looking to cover the most ground during their time in the United States

  • House of Songs coordinates lodging, performances and/or artist co-writes in 2 or 3 locations (co-writes and performances contingent on the length of stay in each region)

  • A more hands-off or dedicated approach from our House of Songs staff depending on your style of residency

  • Airport Pickup any applicable region

  • 14-21 day maximum stay in each region (exception: New York City - 5 day maximum stay)

ATX Player-2-Player

*available in Austin, TX & Northwest Arkansas*


While all artists are encouraged to apply, our ATXP2P program is limited to qualified applicants and space availability. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Since 2009, The House of Songs (THOS) has been a place where international artists have collaborated with Austin artists to create new professional relationships. After years of facilitating successful co-writes and international alliances, the House is focusing inward on the Austin community with a local peer-to-peer program called ATX Player-2-Player or ATXP2P. 

The program lives at The House of Songs Austin, giving Austin artists a local space to co-write, at no charge to the artists. As with our previous projects, The House coordinates these collaborative sessions, but the P2P program will allow the best and brightest that Austin has to offer to tell their own stories, with access to all the instruments, Ableton, and the Spire recording system in the house. The House is built on the foundation of music’s inclusivity, and in that spirit this program will be an an opportunity for The House to focus on the rich local talent pool, while including artists from all genres. 

If getting involved with fellow Austin artists sounds intriguing to you, if challenging your writing style and musical influences sounds like fun, then ATXP2P might be a good fit for you.


Artist Potluck Pickin' Circles

*available in Bentonville, AR*


While all artists are encouraged to signup, our monthly potluck is limited to regional artists and space availability. If we can accommodate you for the upcoming potluck, we will be in touch. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Artists living and working in the Northwest Arkansas region are invited to join us at our monthly Artist Potluck Pickin' Circles where we celebrate good community, good music, and good food. 

Musician Potlucks

Songwriter Summits

Get your music heard on a global scale.

Several times per year, we invite musicians from all our regions and pair them with international recording artists to live together for one week and collaborate on new music. After the Summit, we take these artists to international songwriting festivals to network and showcase their new materials.

We base our invitations upon artists that we work with through our cowriting and residency programs. Selection is limited. At this time there is no open application process for our Songwriter Summits.

Songwriter Summits
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