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At Home with The House of Songs: Ordinary Elephant

Today, At Home with The House of Songs features Ordinary Elephant. Crystal and Pete Damore have been performing together since 2011. Since then they have been touring and performing full time around the world, and have received many accolades along the way, including International Folk Music Awards Artist of the Year (2017). They were also both part of our 2019 Winter Songwriter Summit at The House of Songs Ozarks, in Northwest Arkansas, and performed at our Americana Music Association Americanafest Songwriter Summit shows in Nashville the last two years.

Needless to say, our entire community is trying to figure out the next steps in sustaining and surviving throughout the current state of the world, much less the entertainment business. Crystal and Pete are two of the most professional, respectful, talented, and all together nice human beings.

They are going to be performing a live stream at 6pm Tonight on the Americana Highways Facebook page. We encourage you to tune in and support Crystal, Pete, and all of our fellow musicians in this uncertain time by making donations to artists or purchasing music and/or merchandise. Donations: Merch:

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