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At Home with The House of Songs: James Steinle's Brush Pop Show on Gimme Country

Today, At Home with The House of Songs features James Steinle. Born in South Texas, he spent his childhood in Saudi Arabia and Germany. He’s been living in Austin for a few years now, and has been a co-writer at The House of Songs as part of the ATXP2P program and our Songwriter Sessions at Tacodeli. James is a gifted writer and performer with an original point of view, while still tipping his hat to the great Texas songwriters that came before him. He just recorded and released a new concept album, The Man From The Mountain.

Tonight at 6pm CST, James will be streaming his bi-weekly Brush Pop Show on Gimme Country. So tune in and, as always, we encourage you to tune in, support and follow James, and all of our fellow musicians in this uncertain time by making donations to artists or purchasing music and/or merchandise.

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