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At Home with The House of Songs: "I Still Love You" by Leslie Stevens & Oscar Mukherjee

Today, At Home with The House of Songs features Denmark’s Oscar Mukherjee and Los Angeles’ Leslie Stevens. Back in January, before everyone was social distancing, Leslie and Oscar both took part in our Songwriter Summit at our Ozarks location. We had seven artists living together for 10 days, and over that time they were paired up in different combinations. “Still Love You” is the result of Oscar and Leslie’s collaboration. It’s an honest mix of vulnerability and restraint, with a melody that slices through your rib cage like a hot knife through butter. The video was recorded at Crisp Recording, and was shot by Evan Alvarado (AEnimate Media Productions). We encourage you to follow and support Leslie, Oscar, and all of our fellow musicians in this uncertain time by making donations to artists or purchasing music and/or merchandise.

Leslie Stevens Awarded “Best Country Singer” in the LA Weekly’s 2018 Best Of, you can feel Leslie Stevens’ voice reach the nails in the doorframe. She spins a high craft, with songs about donkeys and drinking and driving in heaven— and just when you thought she might light your living room on fire with a giggle, she’ll blast you through the skylight into outer space. The LA Times calls her "one of the city's best" and Chris Ziegler (LA Record) explains that Leslie has "the kind of voice you'll realize you've been waiting to hear since forever." She’s sung on records by Jim James, Father John Misty, Jonathan Wilson, and live with Joe Walsh, Jackson Browne, and John Fogerty, as well as other musicians not beginning with the letter “J.” Brave lyrically and vulnerable in spirit: Leslie never shies away from laying down what’s what, if only to leave a mark on the most golden part of your soul.

Oscar Mukherjee Copenhagen’s Oscar Mukherjee spent most of his childhood in California, before returning to Denmark in 2009. His songwriting combines inspiration from the American songwriting traditions combined with the melancholy, minimalist sound of Scandinavian pop & indie rock. His 2019 release, Sentimental Sleep, was nominated for a Danish Music Award.

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