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At Home with The House of Songs: "Home To You" by Oscar Mukherjee & Aaron Smith

Today, At Home with The House of Songs features Denmark’s Oscar Mukherjee and Northwest Arkansas' Aaron Smith. Back in January, seven artists were invited to live together for 10 days, and over that time they were paired up in different combinations to compose new songs at our Songwriter Summit at our Ozarks location. Aaron and Oscar were paired together on the first day, and “Home To You” is the result of their collaboration.

This is a fun, upbeat, number about getting back to the one you want to be with. It is also an extra special combination because The House of Songs was conceived in Denmark between THOS Founder (and NWA Resident) Troy Campbell and Danish singer/songwriter Poul Krebs, bringing the mission full circle as we celebrate The House's 10 year anniversary.

The video was recorded at Crisp Recording, and was shot by Evan Alvarado (AEnimate Media Productions). We will be featuring both Oscar and Aaron individually in the near future. We encourage you to follow and support Aaron, Oscar, and all of our fellow musicians in this uncertain time by making donations to artists or purchasing music and/or merchandise.

Oscar Mukherjee

Copenhagen’s Oscar Mukherjee spent most of his childhood in California, before returning to Denmark in 2009. His songwriting combines inspiration from the American songwriting traditions combined with the melancholy, minimalist sound of Scandinavian pop & indie rock.His 2019 release, Sentimental Sleep, was nominated for a Danish Music Award. 



Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is a man on a mission, but he’s no preacher. His songs never tell the listener what to think or feel, but rather hold a mirror to the mystery of human experience, searching for the meaning of home, love, family, aging, kindness, doubt, faith, and grace. In vignettes injected with an infectious and persistent sense of hope and humor, the unlikely heroes of his songs -- grandmothers and grandfathers, street preachers and neighbors, the forgotten and lonely -- find courage, salvation and a couple of laughs in the everyday.  Aaron’s songcraft has earned him recognition twice as a finalist in the nationally renowned New Folk songwriting competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, the Ozark Folk Festival and Rock House Festival. He recently won the BMG Songwriter Showcase at the Power of Music Festival in Bentonville Arkansas.

Winner BMG Songwriter Showcase, Power of Music Festival 2019

Finalist Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition 2016

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