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At Home with The House of Songs: Home Sweet (From) Home Festival

This weekend, we're recommending Home Sweet (From) Home to YOUR HOME! 26 of our amazing #Bentonville hometown artists plus a couple of special guests will be performing live in their living rooms April 3 and April 4.⁠ ⁠ Tune in on the City Sessions or Home Sweet Home Festival Facebook and Instagram channels on FRIDAY FROM 7-8PM and SATURDAY FROM 4-5PM. ⁠ You'll have an opportunity to tip each artist via Venmo/Paypal during the show so have your phones ready! Our artist neighbors are hurting right now - let's be generous patrons. ⁠

FRIDAY @ 7:00

Will Gunselman


Cameron Johnson

Melody Pond

Jamie Lou

Kalyn Fay

Luke Sheafer

Sarah Loethen


Brick Fields

Becky Adams

Pura Coco

Dylan Earl

Ira Wolf


Smokey & the Mirror

Dandelion Heart

Ppoacher Ppoacher

Dana Louise


Jasper Logan

Ashtyn Barbaree

Jon Dooly

Whispering Willows

Andrew McLaughlin

Benjamin Del Shreve

Kevin & Jessica Kiehn

Lawrence Jamal

My Politic

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