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At Home with The House of Songs: Christian Serrano-Torres

Today, At Home with The House of Songs features Christian Serrano-Torres. Christian has participated in our #Player2Player co-writing program with international Oud player Rahim Alhaj, as well as playing at a THOS showcase in #NorthwestArkansas.

Serrano-Torres is a solo cello project that explores the instrument's soul and the mind of Christian Serrano-Torres. Though classically trained, this cellist hungers for new ways to approach music and establish his own artistic identity. His performances are known to captivate, uplift, and take you on a journey.

Incredible House of Songs alum Christian Serrano-Torres just released a new single, "Emergence", available on streaming on multiple platforms.

While many artists are still performing remotely and unable to tour or get into the studio to record new music, we encourage everyone to support independent musicians by purchasing merchandise, music and donating to virtual tip jars.

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