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At Home with The House of Songs: Bonnie Whitmore

Today, At Home with The House of Songs features Bonnie Whitmore. Bonnie is a world-class singer, songwriter, and bassist who has toured across the US and around the world (most recently with James McMurtry, and The Mastersons). Bonnie has cowritten with many guest residents at our Austin house, was part of our 2018 Songwriter Summit in The Ozarks, and showcased her work from THOS at Americanafest in Nashville.

She also hosts her “Bonnie Whitmore and Friends” residency at The Continental Club Gallery on Thursday nights in Austin, which was nominated for “Best Residency” at the Austin Music Awards this year. Besides being a valued collaborator, she is a dear friend to us and our visiting artists, and has invited many international artists and friends of The House of Songs to perform at her Gallery shows. Since the clubs are all currently shut down, she has moved her residency to an online format, where she still has a special guest, and loyal attendees can join in and interact. This week's guest is another House Alum, Jaimee Harris, who will be featured on At Home next week. We encourage you to tune in and support Bonnie, and all of our fellow musicians in this uncertain time by making donations to artists or purchasing music and/or merchandise.

RSVP/Ticket Link:…/arti…/bonnie-whitmore/id416860046

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