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Artist-in-Residence: Kristian Anttila

Kristian Anttila - Gothenberg, Sweden Austin, TX - Extended Residency

Recent years we have seen Kristian Anttila explore the extremes of geography. With a strong will to come closer to his audience he visits small Swedish cities above the polarcircle as often as he plays Stockholm and Gothenburg. He can be heard in small clubs in Hong Kong, Brazil and China where you’d last expect to see him. The concept is simple – a guitar, a voice and a collection of contemporary Swedish pop-classics. The stripped concerts show a new side of Anttila. More free and storytelling.

Winter 2016 Kristian released his seventh album “Rum 4 Avd. 81” that soon became his most critically acclaimed and considered his best so far. The tour for the album has now reached over 300 shows and he was soon after chosen to compose for Volvo’s worldwide commercial and got the Ingmar Bergman-prize in 2018.

Kristian Anttila made his debut in 2003 and has since released 7 albums through Universal Music as well as his own record label. He has had twenty singles on rotation on national radio (Sveriges Radio) and made over 800 gigs spread all over the world as well as collaborated with national heroes such as Sylvia Vrethammar, Olle Ljungström and El Perro Del Mar.

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