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Artist-In-Residence: Frida Selander

Frida Selander - Stockholm, Sweden Austin, TX - Extended Residency

Frida Selander is a Swedish singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer. She’s known for her stage presence and her voice. She has released 10 albums, most recently I Hear Sunshine (2015) and När du går på känsla är du alltid i tid (2018), which both were critically acclaimed by the Swedish press. Her live shows are a mix of music and storytelling, and she works with scenographies, light and objects.

She has also composed experimental music for theater, puppet theater and art exhibitions. She was the guitarist in David Sandström Overdrive. It’s been said that Frida Selander is like a combination of Nina Simone, Patti Smith and Jeff Buckley, but with her own strong and undeniable expression.

In this TEDxUmea​ performance from 2016, Frida sings and explains songs in English:

I wonder if I can conjure up a rainbow? I'm 10, 63 and 34 years old at the same time, I'm an animal in jeans, I'm curious. I sing. The voice is a ray of clarity, a quivering shard, a deep channel, a vibrating horn. I play guitar, and I narrate. About things that have caught my eye. A square moon, a wonderful breath, a map in the sky, graffiti in the dirt, a spot of now, double sunrises. "Do not believe a word of what I say, everything is true," as Märta Tikkannen said.

She is a Swedish singer-songwriter and artist. Her latest album, the critically acclaimed I Hear Sunshine, was met with great success. Jan Gradvall wrote in the financial newspaper Dagens Industri: "The result is a first class rock album with compositions that other artists would die for. Someone should play “Jesus as a Girl” for Mick Jagger." Selander has received the Guldäpplet (Golden Apple) award and Populärkulturstipendiet (Popular Culture Stipend), appeared on radio and TV, and has performed at every little spot in Sweden. She has also done commissioned work, including music for Västerbottensteatern’s "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!" Dockteater Månstjärnan’s (Puppet Theater Moon Star) "Monster-Konster" and the Museum of Women’s History exhibition "A Clamouring Silence.”

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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