Evan Alvarado

Northwest Arkansas Manager

Having deep roots in the arts and music, Evan Alvarado seeks to understand life through a creative lens. His mother an artist & videographer, and father a musician, Evan has had lifelong inspiration in crafting his creative abilities. After moving coast-to-coast with his family in pursuing a growing acting/modeling career as a preteen, in 2002 his family decided to finally settle back down in Northwest Arkansas where his parents had previously lived together in their earlier years.


Evan has been sharpening his creative skills in Northwest Arkansas since then, and now happily juggles his different passions. Between managing & playing in his reggae band The Irie Lions, owning and running his video/media business AENIMATE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, Evan hopes to be a lifelong student of the arts & music, and to try and contribute to the creative consciousness of his community.